Harijs Briedis. Septiņi citādi ziedi — fotoizstāde

Harijs Briedis. Seven different flowers - photo exhibition

| Ola Foundation
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Harijs Briedis large-format photo series "Seven different flowers".

"You are unfathomable, you have your own path, 
Which leads through the flowers of other species.
You are like a desert well to a man,
And he thanks you with wise words." - Harijs Briedis

The photo exhibition of Harijs Briedis (son of the legendary photographer Uldis Briedis) is on public view for the first time in the Ola Foundation cultural space.

Harijs Briedis is an entrepreneur with 45 years of business experience. Always used a creative approach in everything he did.

He has been with photography since he was four years old, and it has largely shaped his vision of the world. Art is present in it as a hobby - photography, interior and exterior design, rarely painting.

The exhibition will be on view from March 30 to June 30, information about the days and times available for the visit has been updated in the "Reserve a visit" section of www.olafoundation.lv.

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