Ilmārs Latkovskis - bezmaksas lekcija

Ilmārs Latkovskis - free lecture

12 September, 18:00 | Ola Foundation
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With the new school year, we resume free a series of lectures for young people, students and other interested parties!

on September 12 at 18.00 Ola will perform Ilmars Latkovskis with a lecture "Politics: Between Degradation and Alternatives." Does politics drive fools and crooks? Entertainment format in politics and life. Dictatorship of party democracy. What and how to change for the better?

llmārs Latkovskis - Author and presenter of the TV show "Lielās patiesības" (Great Truths), teacher of contemplation (meditation). He was a member of the 11th and 12th Saeima. In the Saeima, he created and led a group of deputies for Integral policy studies.

At the end: questions, answers, discussions.

Event duration: 2 hours

The number of places is limited, entry is only for registered participants.

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