Mainīgi Nemainīgais

Changed Unchanged

| Ola Foundation

The first exhibition of the Ola Foundation gallery is made up of artworks from the Foundation’s collection.

“A work of art is a flow in space-time, a moment captured by the artist’s sensibility in the grid of existence.
No one really knows its true beginning, and even
as an imprint it is not definitive, time constantly
and imperceptibly transforming its physicality.
Our relationship with a work of art is like our relationship with a river - it seems to be the same, but each time it is different. There is no yesterday’s river or tomorrow’s river, there is only the river we see standing on its banks. The moment we are there. Because there is no other moment. And
each time the river subtly tests us - our sensitivity and openness. At times it is provocative and challenging, emotional or, on the contrary, detached and cool. Very rare, but there are times when we merge with the river. We become a part of it; a part of the work of art.

From a linear temporal position, the artworks in this exhibition were created at different points in time between 1984 and 2022. Emotions. Impulse. Thought. Passion. Time embodies change and movement.

Art exists in time, but at the same time it is space. A space of ritual silence where conversation takes place - through colour, line, texture, materiality.

An endless conversation with oneself.
Changed unchanged. And unchanged changed. We are what we see.
Here and now.’’