Music for the End of Time / Mūzika laika galam — koncerts

Music for the End of Time / Music for the End of Time —concert

16 October, 18:00 | Ola Foundation

On October 16 at 18:00 at the new cultural venue "Ola Foundation" there will be an opportunity to hear the "Music for the End of Time" concert. In an autumn painted evening with conversations over a glass of wine, music, art and architecture will intertwine until time stops...

The concert will feature "Līdzenuma ainavas" by the outstanding Latvian composer Pēteras Vasks and the work of the internationally acclaimed composer Krista Auznieks Description without Place, and the climax of the concert will be the otherworldly “Quartet for the End of Time” by the French composer Olivier Messiaen.
The musicians of Trio Fabel (clarinetist Anna Gāgane, cellist Kristaps Bergs, pianist Linda Leine) will be joined by violinist Paula Schumane. 

The concert starts at 18:00. Guests are welcome starting from 17:00 to get acquainted with the new cultural space of the Ola Foundation and view the contemporary art exhibition Mainīgi Nemaināgiis from the foundation's private art collection in the exhibition gallery. 

At 17:15, guests are invited to pre-concert talks with Orest Silabriedi - musicologist, leader of Latvian Radio 3's "Classics" programs at the Olas exhibition gallery.

The concert takes place with the support of the State Cultural Capital Fund.

During the concert, a recording will be made on Latvijas radio 3/ Klasika.