Reinis Zariņš — koncerts

Reinis Zariņš - concert

4 February, 19:00 | Ola Foundation

on February 4 at At 19.00, pianist Reinis Zariņš will visit the cultural space "Ola Foundation" with the concert program "Pilgrims of Light".

Reinis Zariņš is one of Latvia's most notable talents, a master of deeply thought-out interpretations, a brilliant soloist and a skilled chamber musician, author of conceptual cross-art projects. Truth and beauty: these are the values a concert pianist seeks in the music he chooses, in the interpretations he creates, and in his collaborations with others.

He says about the chosen concert program in Ola:

"I have observed quite a few composers. And some of them I now call pilgrims. Their destination is the Light that illuminates the darkness of the world.

They only dwell here as strangers while on their way to the Heavenly Homeland.

They reach out to the Creator, and in their music they sometimes seem to reach out, to touch for a moment, to perceive. And then shares with us so that there are as many pilgrims of Light as possible.

I originally created this program as a tribute to composers-pilgrims from Latvia - Pēteri Vaskas, Andrej Selicki, Georg Pelēci, and others. And that would have been enough, but over time I met more and more new composers-pilgrims from other nations and remembered those who had already reached their destination.

And that's why in the first half of the concert I will welcome the Latvians, and in the second - Bach, Messiana, Perta, Tavener and others. Each of these speak their own unique musical language and come from their own tradition - and it is this diversity, these very different travel notes for travelers on the same road that fascinates me, so I, as a fellow traveler, want to share their insights with the listeners.

I am very happy that for the first time I can play this program directly in Ola, a space that can give a rare feeling of togetherness." 

Evening program:

Music by Arvo Pert, Pēter Vaska, John Tavener, Georg Peleč, Rihard Dubras, J.S. Bach and other authors. 

Concert in two parts. 

Guests are invited to arrive from 18.15 for a glass of wine from the Barents restaurant and a review of two current exhibitions - "Mainīgi Nemaināgiis" with works from the foundation's private contemporary art collection and "Viņas įrdūdu ciens" with white ornaments and large-format black and white photographs. 

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