Viņas ziemeļu sauciens — izstāde

Her Northern Calling — an exhibition

12 November, 12:00 | (12 November - 28 February) / Ola Foundation

The exhibition "Her Northern Calling " will shine in the "Ola Foundation" cultural center

In Riga, on November 11, the creative team of "Baltu Rotu" and the photo book "Ziemeļmeitas kods" will open an inspiring jewelry and photo exhibition "Viņas zħurdu sauciens" in the cultural space "Ola Foundation".

This exhibition in Riga will celebrate its opening in an unusual and unique place, in Ķīpsala - a showcase of modern architecture, in the cultural space "Ola Foundation", which is a place created jointly by entrepreneurs Ilze and Ulda Pīlēni for various art, education and cultural events. The exhibition will be open from November 11 of this year until January 31 of next year, information about the days and times available for visiting will be updated at

The authors of the exhibition hope that this project will be attractive to everyone who wants to know, understand, see and interpret us as a country, a collective consciousness and a symbol.

"Living in today's troubled times, everyone feels confused and threatened, often searching for answers to their inner questions. Therefore, when creating this exhibition, we wanted to convey a message through symbols about the strength, self-confidence and values of our land and people, outlined through jewelry and the image of a woman. The interaction between Latvian and Nordic nature," comments exhibition curator Laura Geistarde Šube, development manager of SIA "Baltu Rotas".

The exhibition "Her Northern Calling" is the first joint project created exactly in this content and visual form, focusing both on the historical heritage and contemporary current affairs.

"This ambitious and aesthetic exhibition is a story about the identity and roots of our people, about belonging to one's nation and country. The exhibition, made of large-format black and white photographs with the image of a strong, loving woman in the center and ornaments, is integrated into the architecture of Ola. It is the strong identity of our nation that we want to show together with this exhibition. This is our position and responsibility for belonging to our land, also for our self-confidence and self-respect. The exhibition will be a great experience for its viewers, and we have no doubt that visiting it will allow many of us to answer the eternal questions about belonging to our nation, identity and roots." Ilze Pīlēna, head of "Ola Foundation".

About Balta Rotas

The basis of our works is the culture of the ancient white peoples and the inspiration provided by the Nordic nature. We continue to tell this unique message by creating both exact copies of ancient jewelry and original jewelry of completely modern design from silver, bronze and gold. Our jewelry has been made in Latvia, in a small factory in Sigulda, for more than 28 years. Over the years, the works created by Baltu Rotas have pleased not only local and foreign design fans, but have also been exhibited at international exhibitions, and our jewelry has been chosen as gifts for high-ranking domestic and foreign officials, such as Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Mrs. Hillary Clinton and the Norwegian royal couple.

About North daughter code

The photo book "Ziemeļmeitas Kods" (in the English version - Her Northern Roots) is a synergy of photos and text that illustrates and characterizes a Latvian woman - one who respects traditions, historical heritage, but is able to fully adapt to the developments of the era, moreover, as time passes and growing in the power of freedom, also to be a leader of opinion, a voice that is heard in her femininity and equality. The picture stories about different women were created with the aim of looking for a common thread, a connection between generations, family, belonging to a place and nature as a primary source, interpreting the concept of rhythm and continuity as an information code in heartbeats, breath, seasons. The language of the narrative is black and white, revealing each character in the play of light and shadow, but leaving colors open to interpretation.