Portreti — Karlīnas Vītoliņas fotogrāfiju izstāde

Portraits — an exhibition of photographs by Karlina Vitolina

| OLA Foundation
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“Karlīna Vītoliņa’s portrait photographs embody an elusive sensitivity that cannot be expressed in words. They literally paint with light. Women in her photos are like a lotus flower - they bloom, rooted in everything that has happened to them. Karlīna is simply there for them at this moment of blooming. Silent, seeing, admiring and letting be. Her camera does not interfere,

it only subtly and gently captures a vibration
- an intimate burst of energy in gesture, gaze, movement, the interaction of thoughts, feelings and emotions. The eternal dialogue between light and shadow, because one is impossible without the other.
Karlīna’s photographs are like an endless conversation that brings the woman to herself. Even if there is sometimes existential sadness, there is always harmony in this conversation. A fragile, slightly decadent vibration of beauty. The miracle of blossoming, transformation and rebirth.”

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