Kultūrtelpā “Ola Foundation’’ tiks atklāta fotoizstāde  “Brīvam būt. Uldis Briedis. Portreti (1966-2010)” - Kultūras Diena

The photo exhibition "Free to be. Uldis Briedis. Portraits (1966-2010)"

On March 29, the "Free to be. Uldis Briedis. Portraits (1966-2010)" photo exhibition of the well-known photographer Uldis Briedis will be opened in the "Ola Foundation" cultural space.

The portraits of Latvian cultural figures by the photographer Uldis Briedis, which can be seen in the exhibition, were made as photographic records of the signs, events and spirit of their time. They have a documentary and at the same time timeless character. The faces of those characters - captured in the most diverse moments of life, allow the viewer to encounter the essence of creativity - the feeling of inner freedom, which, despite the external framework of time, is in continuous connection with the source and truth. Creativity is a manifestation of inner freedom that cannot be silenced or hidden. It is the freedom to be and to speak in the universal language of signs, symbols, tonalities, strokes, polypoints and sounds.  

The portraits of Imants Ziedonis, Raimonds Pauls, Mirdza Martinsones, Katrīne Pasternaka, Mārtiņš Brauns, Uldis Stabulnieks, Ēriks Hānbergs, Egons Līvs, Haralds Sīmanis and other cultural icons of Latvia, more than 60 in total, were made in the period from 1966 to 2010. And reflects people and events for more than half a century. They embody the feeling of Latvia, which resides in each of our subconscious, passed down from generation to generation, but which we lose moment by moment in everyday life. And of whose fragility reality reminds us harshly and directly.

For Uldis Briedis, the main thing in photography is truth. A thought revealed through a gesture, a look in the eyes, a strand of hair, a light, a smile, a syllable frozen in half a word, a tear. He himself says about the time period in which his characters live - contemporaries and friends - "it was like a starting shot for people's freedom." For the unlimited, absolute, in which all possibilities are present. Such a culminating moment of freedom is possible only in moments when both conditions coincide - inner freedom is in synchronicity and synergy with the outer.

The medium of creative expression did not matter at that time - they all manifested one message from one source, - the flow of the idea of the unified freedom of Latvia.

It has always been important for Uldis Briedis to capture his portrait subject as he is - in the specific moment and space of time. And he has sometimes devoted countless hours to this - simply being present, talking, observing, not disturbing, allowing the person to be. As he himself says, observation is the first prerequisite. "In order to get close to the human being, you have to observe. Appearance, angle, gestures, how the light changes, posture, grimaces. All this flows through the head like a stream. When I shoot, I don't have a free moment. Although sometimes it seems from the outside that I have raised the camera only sometimes."  

Looking at the portraits taken by Uldis Briedis, it is as if we experience history all over again. And knowledge. Also, about ourselves.

The exhibition will be open from March 30 to June 30 this year. Information about the days and times available for visiting is available at  www.olafoundation.lv

The exhibition is supported by: SIA Autonams