Valdis Birkavs - bezmaksas lekcija (REĢISTRĀCIJA BEIGUSIES)

Valdis Birkavs - free lecture

12 April, 17:00 | Ola Foundation

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Continuing the series of free lectures in Ola, on April 12 at At 17:00, the ex-prime minister, doctor of legal sciences, will share his experience Valdis Birkavs

"33 years of Latvian reconstruction: mistakes, lessons, perspectives".

- At the crossroads of two wars.
-The degradation of democracy and the curse of the Soviet mentality.
-The original sins of politics.
-Protest, conflict, tolerance - the basis of democracy.
-Openness and twilight lodge.
- Stages of restoration of the state and democracy - from the despotism of the majority to the dictation of the minority.


3 questions to which the national government does not have a clear answer:

1. The political nation: what should it be and will it ever be?
2. Economy: why is Estonia developing visibly more successfully?
3. The future: how long will we sail without a destination, sails and compass?

Questions and answers at the end.

Valdis Birkavs
Expremjer, Doctor of Legal Sciences, European Person of the Year in Latvia in 1999, author of more than 150 academic works and publications, member of the Madrid Club.

Entry is for registered participants only, the number of places is limited.


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